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Celebrate National Bakery Day with These Trendy Recipes

National Bakery Day recipes from Chef Jessie at General Mills

National Bakery Day is a day for bakers to celebrate their signature treats and encourage their community to buy locally through creative promotions, giveaways, or special events. Some bakeries also use the day to raise funds for local charities. The holiday was created by the Retail Bakers of America to celebrate independent bakeries. They even offer free, downloadable marketing materials to members on their website.

On-Trend Recipe Inspiration from Chef Jessie

“While it’s completely expected for bakeries to showcase some of their signature treats for National Bakery Day, the holiday provides a unique opportunity to offer customers something new and special or even unexpected to create some buzz.” 

Some of Chef Jessie’s favorite recipes for National Bakery Day include the following items that all leverage current trends such as nostalgic flavor combinations and unexpected flavor combinations perfect for takeout & delivery!

Try These Recipes for National Bakery Day & Beyond!

Dirty Chai Brownies

Dirty Chai Brownies:
Combine the comforting blend of chai spices with espresso infused batter for a delicious twist on a chocolatey classic.

Tahini Swirl Brownies

Tahini Swirl Brownies:
Update a favorite with a nutty, sesame-sweet swirl through chocolatey Pillsbury™ Baker's Plus brownies.

Banana Foster Upside-Down Cakes

Banana Foster Upside-Down Cakes:
Pillsbury™ Tubeset Muffin Batter makes it easy to prepare this delicious upside-down cake dessert.

Mini Cranberry Tartes Tatin

Mini Cranberry Tartes Tatin:
Tart cranberries steal the show in these mini, festive pastries.

Piña Colada Caramel Rolls

Piña Colada Caramel Rolls:
Pineapple and coconut unite to create a winning, tropical vibe to your everyday caramel rolls.

Yuzu Cheesecake

Yuzu Cheesecake:
This creamy cheesecake has a blast of Yuzu flavor along with a Five Spice surprise in the crust.

Grilled Peach Biscuit Donuts

Grilled Peach Biscuit Donuts:
Grilled peaches, ginger, cinnamon and honey are added to our biscuit donuts and topped it with whipped cream for reminders of those classic summer days.

Orange Almond Sticky Buns

Orange Almond Sticky Buns:
This orange and almond croissant roll is rich, crunchy and indulgent for a special treat of the day.

Chocolate Almond Croissant Éclairs

Chocolate Almond Croissant Éclairs:
A creamy light filling is tucked into a crisp, buttery, almond croissant and finished with a fudgy chocolate drizzle for a fancy but simple dessert.

Cannoli Crème Brulee

Cannoli Crème Brulee:
Cannoli meets Crème Brulee with this unique custard containing ricotta cheese and orange zest topped with a caramelized disc of white sponge cake studded with chocolate chips, orange zest and cinnamon.

Fried Crème Brulee

Fried Crème Brulee:
A crunchy golden-brown exterior encases an ultra-smooth custard that sits on top of a sweet yet tart Raspberry Sauce.

Cranberry Nut Baklava Cups

Cranberry Nut Baklava Cups:
An easy to serve baklava made with Pillsbury's Best™ Pastry Dough Squares, walnuts, cranberries, golden raisins and a drizzle of honey syrup.

Mocha Cold Brew Croissant Muffins

Mocha Cold Brew Croissant Muffins:
Decadent Mocha Cold Brew Mousse makes for a mouth-watering filling in this croissant muffin.

Prickly Pear Lime Croissant Muffins

Prickly Pear Lime Croissant Muffins:
Vibrant Prickly Pear Yogurt Mousse filling takes this croissant muffin to new heights.

Kaya Croissant Muffins

Kaya Croissant Muffins:
Creamy, dreamy coconut egg jam pairs beautifully with these sesame-coated croissant muffins.

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