Nutrition Resources

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Nutrition Resources and Tools

Whether you’re serving students or seniors, everyone deserves foods built from positive nutrients like whole grain, fiber, and iron. General Mills Foodservice makes it clear what’s in the food you serve with: 

  • Nutritional information for our products
  • Nourishing recipe ideas 
  • Help on serving patrons with food sensitivities or allergies 
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The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition is General Mills’ source for nutrition expertise. Doctorate and master-level scientists, plus registered dietitians focus on topics like nutrition density, personalized nutrition, dietary intake research and more. 

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Webinar event poster to help operators navigate food allergies and illnesses

Product Nutrition Finder

Access up-to-date nutrition information for General Mills Foodservice products.

Search products

Nourishing inspirations 

Find nutritious and delicious recipes appropriate for health professionals and everyday health-seekers alike. 

Review recipes

Gluten-free resources 

Get the facts on gluten sensitivity, find gluten-free products, and browse recipes to delight gluten-free patrons. 

Meet the need

Dysphagia resources 

Find recipes that meet the International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) and support those with swallowing difficulties.

Address the condition

More ways to prepare for progres​​s