Foodservice Operations

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From collaborative conversations to tools that help get the job done, General Mills Foodservice partners with you to provide solutions that deliver growth potential. Benefit from our deep expertise:

  • Working in a variety of operations
  • Confronting foodservice challenges
  • Thriving in the industry

How we help

Don’t just take our word for it. Find inspiration from operations that have teamed up with General Mills Foodservice to achieve their goals.

Blue Bamboo in Jacksonville, Florida

Winning the Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest led to an uptick in restaurant traffic and increased interest in a particular menu item.

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Kansas State University

A campus kitchen learned to cope with changes to the labor market and supply chain during and after the COVID pandemic.

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Profitability calculator

Choose a recipe using our products and watch the potential add up to daily, weekly, and monthly profits for your business.

Boost your earnings


Make the most of retail space with these product-placement diagrams that are specific to a variety of operations, including grab-and-go, micromarts, and more.

Maximize sales

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Chefs of the Mills

Help your operation thrive with expertise from these culinary experts dedicated to delivering time-saving solutions and delicious dishes.

Meet the team >>

Business solutions

Discover the products that best serve your industry’s patrons and meet your needs as an operator.

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Foodservice Insighter

Check out recipe ideas, insightful advice, and more in the latest issue of Foodservice Insighter.

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