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Solutions Catered for You: The Hospitality Hub

Discover ideas to extend your resources from breakfast to boardrooms.

From Board to Boardroom: Kick Your Catering Spreads Up a Notch

Convenient and versatile ingredients that help you easily craft charcuterie boards.

Inspired by Chefs: Meet Your Goals and Increase Guest Satisfaction

Get inspired! Try these tips to please patrons and maintain profitability.

Chef Collections: Curated Recipes for Your Catering Operation

Chef curated inspiration that aligns with your food and beverage program.

Culinary Trends

Let these trend-forward recipes from the Chefs of the Mills, our culinary team of experts, help you keep your menu fresh and your guests delighted.

Multiple Recipe images collaged together for lodging operators
Chef Collections Recipe Book: From Simple to Elevated

Catering-friendly recipes that seamlessly integrate with a variety of hospitality environments.

Chef Kevin

Kevin’s Culinary Corner: Featured Recipes

From comforting breakfast creations to elegant dinner entrees, Chef Kevin Relf crafts lodging-specific recipes that turn every meal into a memorable experience for your guests.

Culinary Inspiration

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