Product Training

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Product Training and Troubleshooting Guides

General Mills Foodservice experts have curated helpful guides to support your operation and drive profits. Delve into information on:

  • Popular product categories
  • Troubleshooting common challenges
  • Ideas to elevate baked goods

Flour in a mixing bowl

Product guides

Each training guide shares key product characteristics, available formats, preparation tips, and recipes.

Pillsbury™ Biscuits are popular, profitable, and can be used in a variety of ways.

See the biscuit guide

Cinnamon Rolls
Pillsbury™ Cinnamon Rolls are scratch-like, simple to prepare, and easy to use.

See the cinnamon roll guide

Pillsbury™ Croissants deliver flavor and quality in applications throughout the day.

See the croissant guide

General Mills Foodservice offers a complete portfolio of Gold Medal™, Pillsbury™, and Sperry® flours.

See the flour guide

Pie Dough Rounds and Sheets
Pillsbury™ Pie Dough delivers flaky and scratch-like pie crust without all the effort.

See the pie dough guide

Pillsbury™ Scones don’t require skilled labor to create scratch-like portable items.

See the scone guide

Troubleshooting guides

Improve your baking with a helpful collection of troubleshooting guides.

Fix your baking issues

Finishing tips and tricks

Transform basic items into show-stopping seasonal treats and elevated baked goods for every day with these chef tips and tricks.

Find finishing ideas

More ways to prepare for progres​​s