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Take ‘em Home for the Holidays! How to Increase Profits with Grab ‘n Go Desserts


Twinkle lights and festive wreaths go hand-in-hand with an uptick in diners seeking fun seasonal desserts. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, restaurant sales trend up between 4.2% and 6.4% in November and December. This is a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the increased diner traffic through holiday desserts and grab ‘n go holiday merchandising. A display of packaged desserts is both eye-catching and convenient for busy holiday customers.

Here’s a collection of fun, seasonal ideas to delight diners and increase revenue this holiday season using the versatile, long-trusted portfolio of Gold Medal™ Dessert Mixes and Puff Pastry Dough, Pie Dough and BatterPro™ Muffin & Cake Batter from Pillsbury™.

5 ways to delight holiday diners

  1. Put your signature dessert offerings in grab ‘n go holiday packaging so that customers can bring favorite treats from your operation to their holiday parties, family gatherings or gift exchanges. Use our handy tool-kit to get started!
  2. Consider offering a shortbread cookie mix-and-match toppings kit. This crumbly, buttery classic is easy to make and can be customized by patrons of all ages. A take-home cookie decorating kit with sprinkles, nuts, candies and more make celebrating convenient for your customers. Here’s a simple Almond Shortbread Cookie recipe to start with.
  3. Menu a holiday dessert sampler plate.  With dessert mixpuff pastry, pie dough and batter applications, desserts can be made from just a handful of ingredients.
  4. Set-up a build-your-own dessert bar with cookies, cupcakes, bars and pastries. Complete the experience with an array of frostings, fruits and festive sprinkles that diners can use to create their ideal holiday dessert.
  5. Host a dessert and wine pairing event. Menu holiday desserts and pair each with a wine to complement its unique flavors. Don’t forget to make the atmosphere festive!

Delicious any way you bake it

Take these ideas as ready-to-go recipes or starting points for your own signature holiday creations!

  1. Eggnog is a beloved holiday treat. Capitalize on its popularity with Holiday Eggnog Cake or Eggnog Praline Mousse Cake.
  2. Cookies are classic. Use these delicious holiday varieties for inspiration:
  3. Make it festive! Chocolate Brownie Snowball Dessert Pops add the perfect sparkle to your holiday menu.
  4. Try these decadent brownie variations—Double Fudge Brownie Crisps or Mint Glazed Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Brownies.
  5. Use Pillsbury™ BatterPro™ batter to make an array of scrumptious holiday muffins:
  6. Transform puff pastry dough into Fruit Danish or Almond Bear Claws and offer the two to-go as a pair.
  7. Pie dough is great for grab ‘n go items as well. Make is sweet with Salted Caramel Apple Hand Pies or bring in that on-trend mix of sweet and savory by serving Sea Salt Caramel Bacon Pecan Pie—a 2018 Neighborhood to Nation Recipe Contest winner!

Ring in holiday revenue!

Give your patrons a reason to stop in this season—and attract new customers—with a holiday display featuring grab ‘n go desserts. The added convenience of pre-packaged treats will be appreciated by your customers and profitable for you.

Our free downloadable kit contains packaging resources, ready-to-print labels, a BatterPro™ Muffin & Cake Batter recipe book and grab ‘n go inspiration.

Download Holiday Packaging Kit