Meet the Doughminatorsᵀᴹ

This team of experts is dedicated to solving dough dilemmas. The Doughminators work directly with pizzerias and restaurant operators to troubleshoot and provide inspiration for new techniques, recipes, and more.

Meet the Doughminators

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From their deep knowledge of flour to technical baking skills honed through decades of experience, the Doughminators are a distinct group of individuals who know dough.

Each and every Doughminator is passionate about helping you to identify the best flour to meet your needs, and the necessary steps to make dough that will achieve consistent results every time. In addition to working directly with customers, they travel to industry events like the International Pizza Expo.

A person wearing a chef’s coat.

Tom Santos

Tom has more than two decades of experience as a bakery owner, plus more than 26 years of sales field experience at General Mills. Through his extensive experience, Tom has seen every issue that an operation can have with dough. He specializes in helping pizzerias solve their crust catastrophes.

“I’ve seen things with the same lens they look through daily. I’ve crafted a lot of different doughs, from pizza to apple pie, over the course of four decades.”

A person wearing glasses and grey chef’s coat.

Curt Wagner

Curt has been a part of the baking and pastry industry for more than 38 years. Curt’s achievements include developing a sugar-free and no-sugar added dessert line, Remember When Desserts, that were served at five hotels in Las Vegas.

“(Being part of the Doughminators) is the culmination of my entire career where I’ve built up my knowledge base to a level where now I can utilize my skills as well as my passion for the bakery.”

A person wearing a white chef’s coat.

Shotsie Wilson

Shotsie has worked with General Mills for 20 years, honing and sharing flour expertise. Known for high-energy, educational presentations about flour, Shotsie loves working closely with foodservice operations and distributors to understand how different flour can impact their dough when making baked foods and pizza.

“It’s such an honor to be recognized for my level of experience and the passion I have for working with my customers to help them succeed.”

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