Flour Product Guide and Troubleshooting

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General Mills Foodservice offers a complete portfolio of known and trusted brands like Gold Medalᵀᴹ flour, Pillsburyᵀᴹ flour, and Sperry® flour.

Key characteristics

  • Consistency: General Mills Foodservice purchases, mills, and stores wheat following strict specifications for the chemical composition and physical characteristics of the flour into which it’s milled.
  • Treatments: Whether your menu requires bleached, malted, enriched, bromated flour, or unbromated flour–General Mills Foodservice has you covered.
  • Versatility: Make breads, carriers, pizza dough, pastries, cakes, desserts, batters, breading, pasta, and more with various types of bulk flour.
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Available formats

All-Purpose Flour

  • All-purpose flour has low gluten strength.
  • Make a variety of baked goods with this versatile flour.


Hard Spring Wheat Flour

  • Flour is planted in the spring and harvested in the late summer.
  • This is a high-protein flour with high gluten strength.


Organic Flour

  • All organic options meet USDA organic certification requirements.
  • Organic flour is available unbleached or untreated.



  • Specialty options include rice flour, rye flour, and corn flour.
  • Specialty flour can also refer to wheat milled for a specific purpose, such as pizza flour or tortilla flour.


Durum Wheat Flour & Semolina Flour

  • This flour is milled from durum wheat.
  • Often used as pasta flours because of the high-gluten strength.


Hard Winter Wheat Flour

  • Flour is planted in the fall and harvested in late spring.
  • Hard winter-wheat flour has medium gluten strength.


Soft Wheat Flour

  • Soft wheat is used to make bakery flour, cake flour, and pastry flour.
  • Soft-wheat flour has low gluten strength..


Whole-Wheat Flour

  • Create nutritious whole-grain baked goods.
  • Whole-wheat flour is available in coarse or fine granulation.


Tips and tricks

Interactive Product Guide

Check out the Interactive Product Guide for details on General Mills Foodservice flour and how to troubleshoot common issues including yeast conversion charts, doughball that doesn’t rise properly, bread flour that results in tough or cracked crust, and pizza crust with bubbles.

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Recipes to please a variety of palates

Explore creative recipes using Gold Medalᵀᴹ, Pillsburyᵀᴹ, and Sperry® flours.

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Why Gold Medalᵀᴹ, Pillsburyᵀᴹ, and Sperry® Flours?

  • With an array of flour products, you can buy your flour from one source, including 50-lb bag flour and 25-lb bags.
  • Resources are available to help with baking problems, provide advice on new products, and even assist with recipes and formulations.
  • Pizza dough flours have the tightest specifications for protein levels, ranging from 10.5 to 14.5%.

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