Chef Ted’s Summer Yogurt Ideas

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April 26, 2018

Ted OsorioHey Folks!

Chef Ted’s back to open your minds and amaze you with the awesomeness that is myself. The pleasure is all yours people.

Each season comes with special ingredients that are must haves to be enjoyed during that particular season. These ingredients not only make for some fantastic meals but can also aid to your health and wellness for that season. For example, Fall is about cinnamon, brussel sprouts, butternut squash, apples and comfort food. For Summer, it’s all about fresh fruit and…yogurt!

What makes yogurt so special is that it is healthy, a good source of protein and works well in both sweet and savory recipe applications. It’s such a perfect fit across your menu in so many ways. Whether it’s a classic parfait using the best fruit of the season—or jumping on the savory parfait trend—parfaits are a perfect way to add quick grab ‘n go options  for your busy customers.

Now, yogurt is not a one-trick pony, so don’t stop at the parfait! Yogurt can span your menu as dips, sauces, marinades (Yogurt Marinated Hot Chicken, anyone?!), desserts and overnight oats, to name just a few ways to entice your taste buds throughout the hot months. Oh, and don’t leave out smoothies (and smoothie bowls) and popsicles—the ultimate summer cool-downs.

Keep yogurt in mind to put some chill into your summer—whether it’s used as a substitute for a healthy replacement or as a quick snack to carry throughout your day. To get you started in the right direction, check out these versatile ideas to spark off inspiration.

Stay Cool!

Chef Ted