The Thing About Comfort Food

The Thing About Comfort Food
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August 21, 2017

When I hear “comfort food” I automatically think, arroz con pollo, real baked macaroni and cheese (hold the breadcrumbs, please and thank you), 7-UP cake, collards, mustards and turnips (NOT KALE). For others, it could be matzo ball soup, beef lo mein, chicken pot pie, a chocolate brownie—or whatever hearty dish we seek out as a source of sustenance and solace.

Comfort food means something different to everyone but it’s all relatable; it’s emotional. For me the smell of something familiar sparks up nostalgia and transports me to safe and simpler times. Like my dad frying chicken and making sandwiches to pack for an afternoon Yankee game or my mother yelling out the window embarrassing me and my sisters to get our butts (she really didn’t say butt, gotta keep it PG-13 ) upstairs cause it was time for Sunday dinner. Others get the feeling when they’ve lost a little weight and deserve a cheat day for that juicy double bacon burger, a stressful day at work or my personal favorite he/she broke up with me so now I’m going to town on this gallon of butter pecan ice cream. That’ll show ‘em.

Chili Cheese Dog Empanadas

Whatever mood you are in, there are so many options and choices out there to fulfill your need at any moment. Chefs are coming up with creative ways to prepare your favorite classics that satisfy your stomach and your soul. Cauliflower Mac and cheese, grass-fed prime burgers stuffed with foie gras, grilled cheese with cheddar, cured ham, with rosemary butter on artisan sourdough—these are just a few ideas of familiar favorites with a modern twist that consumers are looking for.

One thing is certain, comfort food will never fall out of favor. Check out some of my favorite recipe ideas created with our ultimate comfort food product—Pillsbury™ Pot Pie Dough. Try one of them out and go to that happy place.

Catch ya later.

Chef Ted