Pizza Trends: Crusts & Flavors

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Americans love pizza—over 83% of consumers report eating it at least once a month. But preferred tastes come and go, and there are a variety of new toppings, crusts and styles that diners are gravitating to. Try out a few of these trends for yourself to get a slice of the action.

Craveable Crusts

Deep dish crusts are emerging as a very popular choice among younger audiences. But thin crust—and other traditional options—are still a mainstay among older consumers and the younger folks who value variety.

Other crust alternatives are gaining momentum as well, for a variety of reasons. Cauliflower crust and other non-dough crusts are a popular continuation of the gluten free trend. However, many non-dough options like sausage crust (popular with keto dieters), can additionally serve as an indulgent alternative for some eaters.

Deep dish crusts   Thin crust
Gold Medal™ H&R™   Pillsbury Evenloaf™
Gold Medal™ King Wheat™   Gold Medal™ All Trumps™
Gold Medal™ G.M. 44™   Pillsbury Balancer™
    Pillsbury™ So Strong™

Regional = Authentic

Flavors and styles specific to certain parts of the U.S. can appeal to pizza-lovers seeking authenticity. Look to crust approaches like New York- and Detroit-style, or regional ingredients (like a Northeastern clam pizza) to reflect tastes and traditions from certain parts of the country.

Flour that pairs will with regional authentic pizza:

New England   Hot oven Neapolitan Style
Patent Flour (Mid Protein)   Di Prim’Ordine Farina
Full Strength Flour    
Pillsbury Best™ XXXX    
Midwest   West
Gold Medal™ H&R™   Gold Medal™ All Trumps™
Gold Medal™ G.M. 44™   Gold Medal™ Superlative™
Gold Medal™ King Wheat™   Di Prim’Ordine Farina
Gold Medal™ Harvest King™   Gold Medal™ H&R™
    Gold Medal™ G.M. 44™
    Gold Medal™ King Wheat™
    Gold Medal™ Harvest King™

Simple Flavor Favorites

Although tomato, pepperoni and basil are still leading flavors, diners are also gravitating towards simple, healthy ingredients on their pizzas. Oregano, olive oil, greens, eggplant, and bell pepper are among the fastest-growing toppings, signaling an appetite for simpler, healthier slices.

The Other Sides

What about side dishes? Bread still boasts the highest popularity, with breadsticks and garlic bread knots coming in at the top. However, younger audiences are craving more filling options, especially savory chicken side dishes like Buffalo wings.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

What about the sweet tooth at the table? Dessert pizzas are seeing an uptick in popularity - especially with younger generations. In fact, 34% of Gen Zers eat dessert pizza. They are willing to spend between $10 to $20 on a pizza, equal to Millennials but more than older generations. Nearly half of Gen Zer's (46%) and Millennials (48%) indicate that they've increased their pizza consumption from foodservice within the past 2 years! Need some inspiration? Try this Fluffer Nutter Margherita Dessert Pizza, or one of these ideas from our kitchen.

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Insights from 2022 Technomic Pizza Consumer Trends Report