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#TogetherWeBrunch: Make The Most Of Brunch


Make the most of takeout and delivery with a brunch promotion that can help drive profits throughout the week and into the weekends. Adding a new daypart (or promoting your existing brunch offerings via social media) can be a key sales driver.

Many breakfast and brunch items feature low-cost ingredients like eggs, baked goods and yogurt that can be bought in bulk, made with a twist or topped creatively, and sold at a higher price point as brunch items.

Below you’ll find tools and tips to take advantage of everyone’s favorite eating occasion!

Encourage patrons to tag you in a brunchtime selfie with #TogetherWeBrunch to spread the word and show support.

Maximize Profits with Mother’s Day

The perfect brunch occasion! Take advantage by promoting #TogetherWeBrunch and GIVE MOM A BREAK! Some tools and tip you can leverage:

            1. Run a Mother’s Day Promotion

    Leverage your website and social media and offer something special for Mom like a free dessert or other treat. Maybe some fresh juices to create a mimosa? Offer items that truly make Mom feel special (and give her a break at the same time). For some patrons, they may not be able to spend the day with Mom so encourage them to deliver a special treat that they can easily pick up from your operation.

    Or run a gift card offer by selling $100 gift cards for $90 ($10 off) for a limited time.

    2. Create a Brunch Kit

    Create a brunch kit that includes breakfast and lunch favorites. Your kit could include a meat bundle (bacon, sausage and ham), vegetable egg bake, scones, pan of cheesy hash browns, an elevated salad, biscuits and dessert. Box it all up and include reheating or baking instructions. Bonus for Mom: No pans or clean up necessary (just serve in foil pans and toss afterwards).

     Tip: Spread your curbside traffic out by encouraging patrons to pick up the day prior and provide easy reheating instructions for Mother’s Day.

     3. Create Sweet Comfort

    Comfort foods are trending and you can serve up some easy, crave-worthy desserts for Mom with little labor involved. Make yours stand out from the rest with a Mother’s Day treat bundle. Just bake up our Gold Medal™ Brownies, freeze, and then use a combination of cookie cutters (hearts, flowers, etc.) and top with icing.

    You can also try these decadent brownie variations—Double Fudge Brownie Crisps or Mint Glazed Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Brownies. and Pillsbury™ BatterPro™ batter to make an array of scrumptious muffins.


    Tip: Consider offering a shortbread cookie mix-and-match toppings kit. This crumbly, buttery classic is easy to make and can be customized by patrons of all ages. Include a take-home cookie decorating kit with sprinkles, nuts, candies and more make celebrating convenient for your customers. Here’s a simple Almond Shortbread Cookie recipe to start with.

    Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to knock your customers’ socks off—and have it pay off. Make sure your guests feel special, have great food and an enjoyable experience and it will come back to you ten-fold in word-of-mouth referrals...just in time for Father’s Day!

Brunch Recipe Guide for Operators

Download our recipe guide for tips, ideas and inspiration to help you make the most of brunch in your operation. These recipes feature some of the most popular brunch items and are low skill, low labor and can easily be made ahead of time. Package and sell hot for carryout, as refrigerated grab ‘n go options, or even as limited bakery sales. Enjoy the recipes—and thank you for all that you do!


Download Recipe Book (pdf) >

We’re Here to Help During COVID-19

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you during these unprecedented times. Visit our COVID-19 resources page to connect with us, and download our bulk product guide for more shelf-stable, freezer-to-oven inspiration.


Here are a few low-labor recipes that can easily be made ahead. Create hot and ready carryout meals, refrigerated grab n’ go items, or limited bakery sales.


  • National Eggs Benedict Day: April 16
  • National Orange Juice Day: May 4
  • Mother’s Day: May 9 (second Sunday in May)
  • May is National Egg Month
  • National Macaroon Day: May 31
  • National Donut Day: June 4 (first Friday of June)
  • Father’s Day: June 20 (third Sunday in June)
  • National Smoothie Day: June 21