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4 ways K-12 operators can give Generation Z their breakfast fix


Believe it or not, breakfast is having a big cultural moment and continues to expand in the foodservice world.

Why the big breakfast push? Generation Z is a big reason. That’s right, the generation known for not having enough hours in the day is making time for breakfast.

  • In one survey, 81% of Gen Z participants said they eat breakfast on a regular weekday¹
  • Breakfast is on the top 20 list of young consumers’ favorite things to eat¹

How do you bring these trends to your lunchroom?

Here are 4 ways to make breakfast the most exciting meal of the day:

Bring the coffee shop to the cafeteria

1. Bring the coffee shop to the cafeteria

The relaxing sights and smells of a coffee shop aren’t just reserved for after-school fun. You can serve up those familiar flavors and aromas with gooey Cinnamon Rolls, Muffin Tops in Blueberry and Chocolate Chip, and coffee-flavored YoGo Coolers.

Fill up your grab ‘n go menu

2. Fill up your grab ‘n go menu

Students are always on the move—they’re racing to class, finding spare moments to catch up with friends, and making their latest TikTok videos. Make sure you’re serving plenty of grab ‘n go options, like our individually wrapped frozen breakfast items like Frozen Frudel™ and Mini Cinnis

Serve a better way to eat cereal

3. Serve a better way to eat cereal

2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups are one of the best ways for students to get their daily nutrition—like whole grains, vitamin D and so much more—all with less operator labor. And once a student finishes their cereal, their container becomes the perfect cup for enjoying delicious cereal milk!

Offer a mid-day energy boost

4. Offer a mid-day energy boost

Many students are at school for hours after their last class for sports, band and other extracurriculars. A lot of the time, they’re in need of a boost. Serve up all-day breakfast items like Protein Power Cups, Garden Coolers and Yoplait® Smooth® Horchata yogurt cups to give them a little extra energy during their busy day.

Want more ideas on how to make your breakfast more fun than ever? Head to our Back to School page today so you’re prepared with all-day breakfast fun for this school year!

¹YPulse Survey n=1000 ages 13-37 | April 2