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Celebrate #CerealMilk23 on World School Milk Day!


Are your students ready to pour, crunch and slurp for #CerealMilk23?

Every September, World School Milk Day falls on the last Wednesday of the month— this year, it's September 27th! Bring a cereal milk celebration to your school for the big day with 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups along with our FREE #CerealMilk23 tools:

  • Posters, promotional materials and fun activity sheets
  • A TikTok dance duet video and Snapchat filter
  • Team Cereal Milk activities and posters
  • And more!

Click here to explore our 2 oz. equivalent grain cereal cups—the best way to enjoy delicious cereal milk.

Download the #CerealMilk23 Execution Guide for tips on how to use each of the tools below.

What's World School Milk Day?

WSMD is an annual dairy celebration that takes place on the last Wednesday of September. It's a day dedicated to all the important health benefits linked to increased milk consumption, including:

  • Improved bone health
  • Reduced risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Daily source of protein, calcium and vitamin D1

Cereal is also a valuable source of nutrition for students in K-12 schools. Students who eat cereal receive these additional nutrients in their diet compared to their peers who don't:

  • 72% more vitamin D
  • 69% more iron
  • 58% more vitamin A
  • 60% more whole grains
  • 27%-103% more B-vitamins2

Why cereal milk?

From boutique dessert shops to large restaurant chains, cereal milk-flavored drinks, ice cream and more are all the rage. Trendy dessert shops like Milk Bar and Treats Cereal Bar & Boba put their own unique spin on cereal milk. This sensation is the kind of fun, hands-on food experience that Generation Z seeks out.

Check out past cereal milk parties on World School Milk Day




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1"Benefits of Ready to Eat Cereal,” Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition, General Mills.