A Variety of Skill Levels can Achieve Consistent and Quality Crusts

General Mills Foodservice makes it easy for your back-of-house team to get the foundation needed for great pizza. Choose from a variety of sizes, thicknesses, edge styles, and textures to get consistent, made-from-scratch flavor and quality without requiring highly skilled labor.

Pizza Products

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A hand holding a slice of pizza.

First-rate crust with fast prep

Experience our new Gold Medal™ All Trumps™ dough ball. Just thaw, proof, and use for authentic New York-style taste and texture.

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Proven pizza winners

Big letters that spell out the brand, Bonici with green, white and red.
Flour wheel with a letter “M” in the middle and General Mills labeled on top.
Blue circle with the logo, Pillsbury slanted.
Red oval shape with TNT crust logo in the middle.

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Flexible formats to meet your needs

The crust — it’s what holds a pizza together, gives it shape and life and delivers the harmonious combination of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Explore a variety of flexible, consistent, and convenient products for making all kinds of pizza creations — including traditional pizzas, calzones, breadsticks, and more.

versatility and labor scale

A chef sifting flour into a bowl.
Flour for scratch dough

Flour sets the structure of the pizza. Choose from a variety of flour products to deliver your signature scratch crust.

High versatility and labor
A pizza with cheese and pepperoni on it.
Dough balls

Dough balls deliver made-from-scratch flavor and quality while eliminating time-consuming labor.

Med-High versatility and labor
A pizza with cheese and pepperoni on it.
Dough sheets

Pre-shaped dough sheets eliminate the need for rolling, additional equipment, or clean up.

Medium versatility and labor
A plate with pizza slices.

Fully formed raw crust with live yeast gives the aroma and flavor of fresh-baked dough.

Medium versatility and labor
A pizza with shrimp and corn on it.

Partially baked crusts in a variety of styles are the ultimate labor-saving solution.

Low versatility and labor
Flatbread Margherita pizza with tomato, cheese and basil.

Partially baked rustic flatbreads have a light and flaky texture with a homemade look for appetizers, sandwiches, and designer pizzas.

Low versatility and labor

Custom Crust Requests

Operations that meet partnership requirements are invited to co-develop personalized pizza solutions with our expert team. Count on us for scalability, innovation, and a proven heritage of flour, dough, and crust success!

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A closer look at the full pizza portfolio

Discover the General Mills Foodservice full range of flour, dough, and crust solutions.

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A closer look at the full pizza portfolio

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