Summer Trends 2019


Our culinary experts are here with this summer’s hottest food trends and how to bring them to life on your menu. See how you can offer these on-trend ideas to your patrons: a perennial breakfast favorite with botanical-infused flavor, a sweet twist on a classic cuisine, and Greek yogurt ideas that go beyond parfaits and dips.

Botanical Yogurts

Yogurt is a perennial breakfast favorite, but classic vanilla yogurt doesn’t dazzle on a menu. Customize Yoplait ParfaitPro® Vanilla with on-trend botanicals such as rose, lavender and turmeric for an easy way to elevate your offerings. Serve botanical yogurts with grains for a breakfast bowl or freeze to serve as an unexpected breakfast treat.

Sweet Yogurt Hummus

Hummus has been a big part of many countries’ cuisines for years. With these recipes, we revisit the traditional concept and put a sweet twist on it!

Greek Yogurt Stepped Up

If yogurt played baseball, Greek yogurt would be awarded the triple crown: it’s packed with protein, contains healthy fats, and is incredibly versatile. Get inspired with these creations that go beyond parfaits and dips.