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Now Enhanced! Pillsbury™ Golden Buttermilk Baked Biscuits

Pillsbury’s NEW! Golden Buttermilk Baked Biscuits have been reformulated to deliver a superior biscuit preferred by patrons when compared to our previous biscuits¹.

What Makes a Great Biscuit?

  • Texture: Ideal biscuits have a dual texture with a crisper top and a soft, tender inside.
  • Flavor: Light, buttery flavor with the appropriate levels of sweetness and saltiness.
  • Appearance: Uneven top, light and fluffy and a golden brown color all suggest a scratch-made biscuit
  • Consistency: Superior quality and holding means minimal waste.


Pillsbury’s Golden Buttermilk Baked Biscuits Have Enhanced Taste and Texture

Pillsbury’s Golden Buttermilk Baked Biscuits have improved both taste and texture to deliver a better biscuit experience:

  • Enhanced Dual Texture
  • Soft and Tender center
  • Light and Fluffy texture
  • Desired balance of Sweetness and Saltiness

They also provide Back-of-House benefits:
  • Consistent ease of splitting
  • Improved tolerance to maintain softness over hold-time¹.
  • Easy warming in variety of prep-methods: convection oven, standard oven, warmer, microwave


Pillsbury™ Golden Buttermilk Baked Biscuit Rebate - Love Them or They're Free!*

Menu Inspiration

Spicy Sicilian Sliders

Spicy Sicilian Sliders (using Pillsbury™ Golden Buttermilk Baked Biscuit Mini, 1 oz)
Turkey, pepperoni and mozzarella nestle in a little slider-size sandwiches made with Fresh Pillsbury™ Whole Grain-Rich Mini Biscuits.

Watch this video by Corporate Chef Gilles Stassart, which highlights what makes a great biscuit, what we did to improve our current Pillsbury baked biscuit, how the renovated baked biscuits compare to the previous ones and ideas for how to menu baked biscuits.


  • Baked Biscuit Recipe Book

    Baked Biscuit Recipe Book


¹ Source: General Mills Product Guidance & Insights; The National Food Lab (Plymouth, MN); n=125 (Feb 2020)
NPD SupplyTrack Executive Topline, Total Foodservice, Frozen Biscuits, $ Vol Last 12 Months thru Aug 2020