The Biskies™ Best Entrée Winner: Cindy and Randy from Biscuit Bombers

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Congratulations to our Best Entrée Winner” announcement under a black “The BiskiesTM Winners” banner in gold font. Image of a biscuit sandwich filled with chicken, a fried egg, and bacon on a white plate.

From Corporate Burnout to Biscuits on Wheels: Meet The Biskies Best Entrée Winner

What do you get when you cross a converted car hauler and a bunch of biscuits?

You get Biscuit Bombers, the biscuit-serving food truck serving up helpings of southern biscuit staples with unreal twists in the American southwest.

In the hot, rugged landscape of Arizona, Randy and Cindy Sanderson and their team cook out of their 20-foot food trailer, where they sling hearty grub built on the best biscuits in the southwest.

Their menu is full of zingers, and not just the recipes are unique. Crowd favorites such as the Homewrecker have names as unforgettable as their flavor, piled high with toppings and seasonings that turn a simple pastry into a full meal.

The Tongue Slapper is Biscuit Bombers’ prize-winning entry for the 2023 Biskies™ Awards hosted by General Mills Foodservice, netting them the $5,000 prize for the Best Entrée category.

“I followed General Mills, and I saw it on the Instagram feed, and I thought, wow, we can submit an item. The one item that came to mind was our Tongue Slapper, because that is our signature sandwich. I really didn’t think much of it, you know, let's just see what happens,” said Cindy.

Man and woman holding large check from General Mills Foodservice in front of blue, orange, and yellow Biscuit Bombers food truck.

“We were very lucky to get a response that we were one of the top entrées. It's like, wow, we were so honored.”

Cindy and Randy weren’t always restaurant owners — Randy comes from a long corporate career. He laughed as he told us, “Starting this business was well outside of my comfort zone. I drop a lot of eggs.”

But a night of long conversations with friends over good wine was enough to turn some market research into a big leap. Cindy and Randy acquired a car hauler, and converted it into an impressive food truck, complete with a 23 cubic foot freezer. Now, they make their name parking at events and convention centers, serving up grub to a loyal following who just can’t get enough of their biscuit entrées.

Biscuit bombers food truck traveling down a highway passing a cactus on the side of the road.

It’s not all fun and games though, and Cindy and Randy confess that they face unique challenges as operators of a food truck.

“Everything in a mobile food kitchen by health code has to be prepared there. You can’t get a foodservice distributor to deliver product to you unless it’s being delivered to the truck, so there’s a lot of running around.”

Cindy and Randy highlighted the challenges of being primarily a breakfast food truck as well.

“The problem is that breakfast service starts at four or 5 am, so that means that we have to start at about 2:30 in the morning, so we can be there and get all the product prep ready to serve breakfast.”

Despite the early days and complicated logistics of running a food truck, Cindy and Randy say they’re having a blast.

“We've been in business for about four years. We both have pretty extensive foodservice background, myself in distribution for many, many decades. I quite honestly was a corporate burnout and got tired of doing what I was doing and being on airplanes every week. And so, we started a food trailer. We started it from the ground up. And it's been very rewarding.”

The husband-wife duo normally beats the heat of southwestern summers by taking the summers off, but thanks to their The Biskies Awards prize money, they’ll be investing in an AC unit for their trailer this summer.

Check out the mouthwatering menu on the Biscuit Bombers website. Follow them on Instagram to see Cindy and Randy on the road serving up delicious meals and giving biscuits the credit they deserve!