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Pillsbury™ Professional Mixes


Mix to the Max with Pillsbury™ Professional Mixes

Pillsbury™ Professional Mixes are tailored to meet the culinary needs of each operator and right-sized to be a perfect back-of-house fit.

Our Products:

  • High-Importance Categories: Operators identify cakes, muffins, & brownies as the most important baked goods where mix format is dominant.¹
  • Pancakes are a top consumer favorite when out to breakfast.²

The Commercial Operator’s Baking Mix Solution:

  • High-quality, tolerant, and consistent finished products.
  • From Pillsbury™, a trusted bakery & mix foodservice brand.
  • Operator-focused product design.
  • Competitively priced.

Cake & Brownie Mixes

With five new Pillsbury™ Professional Cake & Brownie Mixes, the Doughboy has operators covered for scratch-like, premium dessert needs. These professional baking mixes deliver quality and consistency that operators and consumers will love.

A Delicious Opportunity in Pillsbury™ Cane and Brownie Mixes

  • Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus™ Yellow, White and Devil’s Food mixes feature add-oil formulas that deliver a scratch-like final product and consistent quality.
  • Pillsbury™ Creme Cake Mix is the gold standard in versatility and consistency, allowing operators to create a multitude of moist, delicious, super-rich specialties from one easy mix.
  • Pillsbury™ Bakers’ Plus™ Premium Brownie Mix yields a decadent brownie that delivers all on its own, or with any number of delicious inclusions for a twist on the original.


Muffin Mixes

The best of both worlds: operators can offer variety without sacrificing quality and consistency using Pillsbury™ Muffin Mixes—these products are high-quality, popular with consumers, and easy to prepare!

Benefits from Using Pillsbury™ Variety & Corn Muffin Mixes

  • Pillsbury™ Variety Muffin Mix delivers on top operator needs:
    • Ability to offer more variety to customers by serving many different items made from one single mix.
    • Increase sales through differentiated impulse items.
    • Increase back-of-house efficiency: one mix, add-water only, endless possibilities.
  • Pillsbury™ Corn Muffin Mix allows operators to create corn muffins, cornbread, and offerings with or without added flavor components such as corn or jalapeño bits—the perfect product for any occasion.


Pancake Mixes

A breakfast staple, Pillsbury™ Pancake Mixes provide operators fool-proof products designed for high-quality, consistency, and back-of-house efficiency. Now available in Pillsbury™ Buttermilk Pancake and Pillsbury™ Sweet Pancake Mix varieties, these two offerings allow operators to deliver on a classic crowd-pleaser.

Bringing Favorites to Breakfast with Pillsbury™ Pancake Mixes

  • Pancakes are very popular!
    • Pancakes are ranked 5th by consumers in order of breakfast consumption items. ³
    • Served seven times more frequently than waffles and four times more than French toast.⁴
    • Sweet pancake mix is the #1 selling non-buttermilk flavor in the category,⁵ and is perfect for the operator looking for something unique that will provide customers a differentiated experience.


¹How important are the following items to your overall menu strategy? Top 2 Box % - NPD SupplyTrack, 12 months ending Feb 2018 (+ Biscuits 12 months ending June 2017), $ volume;
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Download the Mix to the Max Pillsbury™ Professional Recipe books to get started creating today!

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