Pillsbury™ and Gold Medal™ products offer versatility that works across your menu

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Pair your fresh off the grill favorites with fresh baked goods!
Versatile, homemade-quality Pillsbury™
and Gold Medal™ products can simplify your back-of-house operations and be used in a variety of tasty ways across the menu. Plus, they stay deliciously fresh in to-go containers so you can maintain your quality for takeout, delivery and grab ‘n go meals.

Satisfying Solutions To Drive Sales

Biscuits: Baked & Unbaked

Consistent dual texture that easily transforms from side bread, to sandwich to strawberry shortcake. Better than breads for take-out.

Croissants: Baked & Unbaked

Perfect for sandwiches with layers of buttery flavor in each bite.

Thaw & Serve Brownies: Molten Center and Sheeted

Sweet and decadent dessert with no labor required.

Corn Muffin: Batter & Mix

A menu must-have that can easily change form and flavor.

Unformed Pie Dough: Unbaked

Versatile dough for sweet and savory dishes—serve made-to-order or sell frozen for takeout.

Jalapeño Cheddar Scones: Unbaked

Perfect for a spicy side bread or sliced for sandwiches. Made with biscuit dough!

Ready to get baking?

Download our recipe inspiration guide—and start promoting these easy to-use, low labor solutions to your customers with table tents and social media posts!


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