Smart Snacks Compliant & A la Carte Ready Options!

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These portable products are easy to menu and Smart Snacks-compliant so you can feel good about serving students the snacks they love.

*Golden Grahams contains gelatin due to the marshmallow ingredient.

Cereal Bars products

Cereal Bars

  • Made with no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources.
  • Smart Snacks-compliant and 1oz eq. grain, cereal bars are easy-to-menu across the day.
  • Convenient, no-mess, and portable, cereal bars are made from the brands students love.

yogurt products


  • Nutritious, less-mess yogurt options that make it easy to add fun to breakfast in the cafeteria, in the classroom, or on the go.
  • Go-Gurt® is now easier to open!
  • Yoplait® Reduced Sugar Trix™ Yogurt is 35% less sugar than retail Trix™ Yogurt, made without gelatin, artificial flavors and colors from artificial sources.
  • New packaging on Go-Gurt® and Yoplait® Trix™ Yogurt to bring student FUN this Back-to-School season!
  • Trix™ and Go-Gurt®are both Smart Snacks-compliant. Trix™ Yogurt also equals 1 meat/meat alternate, and Go-Gurt® equals 1/2 meat/meat alternate.

fruit flavored snacks products

Fruit Flavored Snacks

  • All our fruit-flavored snacks have fruit as the first ingredient so you can feel good about offering them as a wholesome snack.
  • Smart Snacks-compliant and made with no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources with a fruit-first ingredient.
  • Fruit Roll-Ups™ have the highest brand awareness in all fruit snacks.²

*Nielsen FRU MFY 2016, Levi 2.0 Abbreviated June 2015, Project Levi 2.0 Consumer Video

1 oz. Eq. Grain Options products

Grain Snacks

  • Over 20 Smart Snacks-compliant grain snacks from the brands students love.
  • Gen Z rates Nature Valley™ as one of their top10 snack brands.¹
  • Add variety, fun, and delicious grains to your menus all day long with these student favorites.

Piper Sandler: Taking Stock With Teens Survey - Spring 2021 Results