Making Made Easy: Regulation-Ready Solutions for K-12

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Today we’re making their day.

Each day, you need to deliver nutritious meals that keep students well-fed and happy. Your work goes beyond checking the boxes. You want to provide the taste students love and the energy they depend on.

It’s important to us to give you products you can count on. Pillsbury™ variety of Frozen Baked Goods and Individually Wrapped products deliver high-quality solutions for nutritional requirements. Expertly crafted, efficient, and up to your high standards.

Products like Pillsbury™ Biscuits are simple to use to enhance lunchtime.

Recipe Book

Download our recipe book for simple and easy to execute recipes and menu planning solutions.

Our biscuit and individually wrapped items are easy to incorporate into your menu planning rotation — so that you can deliver delicious and well-rounded meals that will keep students coming back for more.

Get Inspired


Monica Making Made Easy

Nutritious menu pairings, fun on-trend recipes, AND low labor?

Chef Monica is here to ensure you that all 3 are possible. Each day truly is unique and we want to help arm your team with the tools they need to make made easy despite any hurdles that might come your way.

Watch now

Our portfolio of products was designed for making made easy.

One of the most vital tools in a successful K-12 kitchen is versatility. General Mills has a wide variety of easy-to-use products that are adaptable and meet nutritional requirements.


Griddle Classics

*Pillsbury™ Frozen Mini French Toast Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ (72 ct) 2.95 oz
*Pillsbury™ Frozen Mini French Toast TrixTM (72 ct) 2.95 oz
*Pillsbury™ Blueberry Bash Mini Waffles
*Pillsbury™ Maple Madness™ Mini Waffles