Brownies That are a Breeze to Whip Up

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Combine pre-made convenience and scratch-like quality for easy indulgence

Who doesn’t love indulging in a good dessert? Most operators have found that offering desserts on their menu significantly contributes to driving profits due to high customer demand. While offering dessert seems like a no-brainer, it’s not easy for every foodservice kitchen to execute. General Mills Foodservice believes that turning desserts into a seamless success in any foodservice kitchen doesn't have to be a challenge.

It’s easier than ever to craft decadent desserts without the expertise of an in-house pastry chef. PillsburyTM makes it possible to maximize back-of-house labor while turning out premium baked goods with Thaw & Serve Brownie Sheets.

These ready-to-serve brownies consistently deliver the rich chocolate flavor and moist texture that keeps patrons coming back for more. Brownies offer your business a bevy of benefits beyond patronage, including:

Ease of use

  • Streamline labor with thaw, cut, and serve format—brownies can be cut from frozen or use a knife dipped in water, then dried for clean edges
  • Parchment lined for easy removal
  • Slice around the tray to loosen it from the sides, then slice right on the tray

Flexibility and versatility

  • Available in cases of three half- or full-sheet sizes
  • Invert pan and remove parchment for brownies that have a fudgier top and are easier to ice
  • Depending on the needs of your operation, opt to wrap individual brownies for grab ‘n go, or create plated desserts

One product with multiple uses

  • Serve as-is, or customize
  • Use leftover brownie pieces in parfaits and pops
  • Top a single sheet with different quadrants of toppings to reduce waste and make your inventory work for you

Creativity customized for your community

  • Use cutters to create different shapes and sizes
  • Add ingredients that align with regional tastes or seasonal menus
  • Top with icing, ice cream, sauces, spices, cereal, candy, fruit, nuts, sprinkles, and so much more

See Chef Ted’s tips for bringing these brownies to life for your operation.