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5 Ways to Drive Sweet Bakery Sales


The baking industry has seen steady growth within the past few years, providing more opportunities for bakeries to boost sales. The most successful bakeries have delicious products AND great marketing. Assess and improve your bakery’s marketing strategy with these five easy ideas.

  1. Free Samples

    A little generosity pays off—give customers free samples. In some cases, free samples have boosted sales by as much as 2,000 percent. Try something easy like mini-cupcakes with Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mixes.

  2. Get Involved in Your Community

    • Events: Increase brand recognition by hosting events. Partner with a non-profit in your community and host a fundraiser where a portion of your sales benefit their cause. Customers will feel good about supporting both your bakery and the community.
    • Host Classes: Charge for ingredients and time in exchange for teaching community members about your craft, showcasing your expertise and making lasting connections.
    • Partnerships: Connect with businesses in your community that might be interested in carrying your goods. With skilled labor in short supply, restaurants and caterers often look to local bakeries for specialty menu items. Make it easy by offering up a daily delivery of your fresh baked goods to local businesses.
  3. Grab ‘n Go Desserts

    Offer convenience by pre-packaging sweet treats and placing them by your register. Pillsbury™ Crème Cake Mixes make it easy to have vanilla or chocolate cakes ready for patrons on the go. For increased appeal, display pre-made label options that customers can add to packaged offerings.

    TIP: Make sure your logo is featured prominently on all of your packaging to increase brand awareness.

  4. Leverage Social Media

    Use social media to showcase your most drool-worthy pastries, daily specials and community events or classes. Ask patrons to tag you in their social media posts or create a fun hashtag. They'll help market your business to their followers and friends—for free!

    TIP: Creating a fun backdrop to photograph your menu items against can go a long way in making your goods Insta-worthy.

  5. Create a Signature Idea or Menu Item

    Develop a signature idea that your bakery is known for. Examples include monthly specials based on customer votes, a signature item you are known for or special deals and offerings each day of the week.

Put these tips to use—and increase your traffic—just in time for the sweetest holiday of the year! Download our free posters you can customize below.