Any time of day, every type of way, craft perfect parfaits

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It’s Yoplait® Their Way

Empower guests to satisfy their yogurt cravings anytime by building a scalable parfait bar featuring Yoplait® ParfaitPro® Yogurts and all the fixin’s:

  • DIY bar that’s a branded, self-serve kiosk and traffic generator
  • Offer containers for yogurts, fruits, cereals and other toppings
  • To-Go bento boxes for easy ingredient builds
  • Pre-made cup parfaits that simplify serving and reduce waste
  • – Hold for up to 3 days*
    – Sealed and safe with tamper-evident labels

Contact your General Mills Sales Representative for more materials to jump start Parfait Express in your operation.

Parfait Express_Bar

Parfait Express Plus

*Please be aware that ParfaitPro® Dairy Free contains coconut allergen. Please take measures to avoid any cross contamination of allergens by keeping utensils and prep areas clean and separate from other products. Please label your finished products with the appropriate allergens, including any dairy, coconut, or other allergens that are introduced with your recipe creation or otherwise.

Why Yogurt Parfaits?

Across all ages, patrons are eating yogurt during every daypart (60% of yogurt consumption happens outside of breakfast).¹ Yogurt is a steady part of consumers’ diets, and leading the way on variety will guarantee you’re always aligned with today’s customers.

Parfait Express is a win-win for your operation and consumers:

  • 77% of operators use bulk yogurt for parfaits²
  • Yoplait® ParfaitPro® can create less waste, less mess and more profits and is the #1 bulk yogurt in foodservice³
  • Parfaits are the #1 bulk yogurt application in College & University, K-12, Long-Term Care and Hospitals²


*At operator discretion
¹Source: NPD SnackTrack 4 Years Ending June 2019
²Source: Datassential Bulk Yogurt Attitudes & Usage Study, Feb 2020
³Source: NPD Supply Track, Operator Dollar Volume, 12 months ending June 2021