Fall Trends 2020

We know it’s been a challenging time and we wanted to share these trend recipes to help inspire and instill hope in the foodservice industry. These uncertain times have caused us all to get creative with our menus, recipes and ingredients. Our love and passion for working in foodservice drives us to push forward in order to adapt and change on the fly. In this fall edition, we showcase pretty Australian inspired cakes which can be customized to the flavors/ingredients you have on hand, trendy brunch recipes which transform leftovers to decrease waste and increase profit, and creative comfort food to push flavor combination limits and excite the eyes as well as the stomach. Enjoy and be safe.

Australian Lamington

Chef Jessie Kordosky

Jessie Kordosky

This Australian classic dessert is being showcased as a fun way to change up your dessert menu. Serve these pretty cakes in a brunch basket, as a coffee or tea accompaniment, or simply wrap them up for a fun carry-out option. Swap out fillings or icing flavors to create your own dessert special of the day, week or month!

Brunch With a Trendy Twist

Chef Monica Coulter

Jessie Kordosky

The theme for these recipes is a trendy twist on familiar brunch favorites. All three recipes will work for plated service or even catered/carry out meals. An added benefit is that two of the recipes can transform leftovers into popular, profitable specials.

Ugly Deliciousness

Chef Ted Osorio

Ted Osorio

Chefs are not like most people. We come with our own set of rules. We don't like to follow trends, we want to be that trend that everyone is following. Which brings us to my trend. Food I want to eat when I want to eat it. I love creating food combinations in a weird way but it still works in your mouth. Like Beef Lo Mein in a taco, or smoked salmon and pastrami on a Rueben, for example. May seem strange to some but awesome to a lot of other folks. I'm pretty sure someone thought a piece of chicken combined with a waffle was weird at first too. Enjoy and stay safe.