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March 17, 2019

Hello Foodservice Family,

I have a pretty diverse background – (west Indian, east Indian, Puerto Rican, Chinese, etc) - so I get pretty motivated when I see cultural influences I grew up with (Coquito, Pernil, Roti, Bacalao) are just a few dishes that get me all warm and fuzzy in the middle. I’m hopeful that my West Indian and Puerto Rican desserts and dishes alike will make it to the mainstream one day. Anyway this time around I want to talk about cool trends I’ve been seeing that may work well for you in your operation. We’ll call them Chef Ted’s top 5. Check it out.

1. Cereal makes everything BETTER

Before you say it, I’m not just throwing in a shameless plug for the BiG “G”. (job security yall) Cereal is becoming more than just something you throw in a bowl of milk. From toppings on donuts, and ice cream, cupcakes to truffles or just about any dessert in the world, cereal will add that extra spark to make it fun. You can now have dessert for breakfast like you always dreamed.

2. Size Still Matters “OH YEAH”

In case you haven’t heard people like all things that are mini. The movement is still alive for people that are trying to be healthy but still would like a sinful dose of sweetness. Small indulgences take the pressure off if you’re trying to cut back on the lbs. Even if you’re not trying to cut back mini desserts are a fun way to sample a little bit of everything without waste.

3. Back in the day

Memory may be the most powerful connector to drive sales with hotter-than-ever retro desserts. Treats and desserts go hand-in-hand with nostalgia. More and more chefs are incorporating ethnic desserts in a more modern way as well as desserts that are nostalgic- you know taking desserts from the past and re-creating them in fun new ways. Think Red Velvet with red hots, Diner cakes, donut milkshakes, etc.

4. Not just Bacon

Savory desserts are on the come up. Some great savory components that work exceptionally well in sweet recipes:

  • Sea salts
  • Fresh herbs, like basil, cilantro, thyme and rosemary
  • Ground spices, like coriander, wasabi powder and chili peppers
  • Vegetables, whether fresh or dehydrated
  • Bacon, whether it's caramelized or baked with brown sugar

5. Play with your food

It’s all about making it interactive. Give your customers something to do, such as pouring, dipping or rolling a dessert in another layer of sweet or salty. Build your own cupcakes, sundaes, or ice cream sandwiches at C&U’s, where students can ice and decorate. Dessert is the perfect place to create a great experience – after all, it’s the last impression, and it should give your customers something to talk about.

That’s all I got. Don’t forget to check out some of the O-MAZING ideas created just for you. Until next time family.

Catch ya later.

Chef Ted