Meal Ideas Fit For A King (Dad’s Everywhere)

Shout out to the real super heroes on Father’s Day
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May 10, 2019

Ted Osorio

Shout out to the Real Super Heroes!

Father’s Day is literally our day where it is all about us awesome Dads. It’s our National holiday brothers. We get to do just about whatever we want, whether that is to be left alone, sitting around funky all day in our pajamas eating chips, or just being totally unproductive. Just an FYI, this type of behavior normally would not be tolerated by the rulers of the kingdom (wives) under any circumstances; BUT IT’S “FATHER’S DAY SON!!!”

Now there are never enough words or time in a day to describe the excellence that fathers bring to this world, but I’ll give it a shot with the little bit of time I have.

  • Your worst day at work can feel like nothing when your children come rushing to you when you come home. They can’t wait to tell you about their day and all that went on in their world. These tender little moments are great reminders of why it’s worth it to take some of the pain at work.
  • Your child thinks you know everything, until they get a little older and think they know everything, and have it all figured out. LMAO!
  • You learn to pick your battles. If you’re running late for work and your child wants to wear a bright yellow sweater, mismatched socks, pajama bottoms and orange sneakers, just go with it man.
  • The things that used to be so important, suddenly become less of a priority or don’t matter all. The pronoun “I” now becomes, he, she or them.
  • You learn what true unconditional love is. Whatever you thought was unconditional love before kids, you were incorrect. When you look at this tiny being that you had a hand in making, you realize your main goal in life is to do all you can to make them better, even when you want to kill them.

So, if you’re struggling thinking about what to prepare for Father’s Day, you need look no further because Chef Ted has what you need for us special men. Check out these super delicious ideas made for a king.

In closing I just want to say being a great dad is one of the most fulfilling, life affirming things you can do on this planet with the short amount of time we have on it. You lose so much but gain so much more. We’re not perfect, we’re going to drop the ball, make plenty of mistakes, but still I say God bless all fathers for we are very necessary. A father’s love is beyond measure. Stand up Men.

Chef Ted