Love Notes Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Love Notes Come In All Shapes and Sizes
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February 14, 2017

Love notes come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are poster-sized and proudly displayed for all to see. I was helping out at Meadowlake Elementary School when I saw this sweet note posted in the kitchen. Look on the column just behind all the festive valentine decorations and you can catch a glimpse of the poster.

Love Letter

This big note was from the Great Start preschool children. Learning to show their appreciation for others is just one of the ways these children are getting a good start. They are also being exposed to truly "yummy" and interesting foods - like the Cara Cara oranges and these super salads. Indeed, any time these children come into the cafeteria they are lovingly welcomed by the kindest, most caring group of women. What a wonderful start to their time in school!

Food Options

Happy Valentine's Day to my friends at Meadowlake and to the school foodservice workers all over the country who contribute to the happiness and well being of children every single school day! We ❤ what you do!