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In the Mix
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November 7, 2017

Hey Folks,

Chef Ted is back again to make your day and drop some science. This time around my focus will be on that one box wonder we call Gold Medal Baking Mixes. The Original Yellow box baby.

Gold Medal Chocolate Brownie Mix

Now I’m a pastry chef, and as a pastry chef I’ve always prided myself with making things from scratch. Back in the day I wouldn’t be caught dead with any of our mixes or anybody else’s cake, brownie, or whatever mix on my shelf. That was simply against the law where I come from. Matter of fact if anyone ever came into to my kitchen trying to convince me of using a mix I would quickly tell them, “don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya”. That’s right I said it.

Twelve years ago, I led a pastry shop with six employees. “SIX.” Thirty years ago, I was part of a crew of 17 in a retail bakeshop in the Bronx. As Archie Bunker used to say, “Those were the daaaaaaaysss”. (starting to show my age because I know half of you are probably thinking, who’s Archie Bunker?) 😊

Times have changed, and the face of the baker has changed. I mean let’s face it, now a days the person who is doing the baking is most likely not the baker or the pastry chef. The baker is also the chef, the cook, the dishwasher, the general manager and so on. Basically, there’s not enough time in a day to do scratch baking with less labor. So as a Corporate Chef it’s my job to create recipes that are not only simple for the individual preparing it, but the end result looks like a million bucks as well. And oh by the way, my last job no longer has a pastry shop and that baker in the Bronx no longer exists.

Gold Medal Baking Mixes give you the versatility to create endless menu options that are quick and simple to produce. So, simple that almost anyone can produce them. ANYONE. Bars, cake, cobblers, cookies, streusel toppings, coffeecakes are just a few items that can be created from one mix. Yes, I said “ONE”.

Italian Cream Cheese Cake with Amaretto Orange Peel

Rich cream cheese and Gold Medal White Cake Mix create this Italian Cream Cheese Cake with Amaretto Orange Peel

Folks, don’t be like I used to be. Keep an open mind for new things. Don’t make excuses for why you can’t do it. Make it happen! You’ll be surprised what a quality, easy to use cake mix can do for you. Check out some of the latest and greatest ideas I have composed for you to fit any part of your operation, and can be a profitable choice, too.

Chef Ted (giving it to ya straight, no chaser)