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Solutions catered for you sweepstakes. Want to win a mobile catering cart or other great   prizes? Tell us about your property’s breakfast menu.

Catering guest satisfaction: From breakfast to boardrooms

General Mills Foodservice is your trusted partner in delivering a great catering experience that is curated for guest satisfaction and back-of-house ease. Discover ideas to extend your resources. Find inspiration to elevate your offerings. And browse products designed to tackle your catering challenges like our NEW Pillsbury Croissant Bun.

Inspired by chefs in blue and orange text. Wooden spoon icon in orange. Collage of five images of different recipes all made with biscuits showing product versatility.
Meet your goals and guest expectations

Giving guests a great experience requires a strong food and beverage program. Try these tips to please patrons and maintain profitability.

Challenge check-in text in blue and orange on a white background. Icon of a concierge bell in orange. Black female chef in white chef’s coat and hat smiles and stands with her arms crossed. Commercial kitchen scenery in background with one other person working.
Make catering challenges a cinch

Explore a variety of timesaving tips, reuse ideas and wow-worthy solutions that are catered to your most common hospitality challenges.

From board to boardroom text in blue and white. Cutting board icon in orange. Image of charcuterie on wooden board. Assortment includes salted meats, croissants, biscuits, cheese, grapes, and berries.
Kick your catering spreads up a notch

Easily feed a catered crowd with these easy-to-execute, yet exciting ideas for breakfast charcuterie boards, plus other grazing boards to use throughout the day.

CHEF | Collections

Curated chef collections

The needs of your guests and your goals are unique. That’s why we’ve made it easy to find curated inspiration that aligns with the experience you’re equipped to deliver.

Did you know?

White text on blue background that says 95% of lodging operators have always offered complimentary dedicated breakfast areas

White text on orange background that says Consumers say free complimentary breakfast is important when deciding on a hotel to stay for: 78% leisure, 75% business

White text on blue background that says banquets/catering account for 40% of F&B sales

White text on orange background that says 64% of consumers would be more likely to order food at the hotel Alt text: if it offered more convenient options

Solutions to maximize catering capabilities