New Pillsbury® Mini Pancakes Offer Whole Grain Goodness in Heat and Serve Pouch

February 20, 2009
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As student participation in school breakfast continues to gain momentum, school foodservice operators need quick and nutritious breakfast solutions. To meet operator demands for breakfast options that not only offer convenience, but also appeal to kids’ tastes, General Mills Foodservice has introduced new Pillsbury Mini Pancakes. Available in Strawberry SplashTM and Maple Burst’nTM varieties, the individually wrapped heat and serve pouches can be placed in the oven directly from the freezer, making prep time easy.

Pillsbury Mini Pancakes are individually wrapped, allowing operators to serve them twice as fast as bulk pancakes with syrup.1

Each pouch of Pillsbury Mini Pancakes contains eight mini whole grain pancakes, which contain 16 grams of whole grain per serving and are 2 bread equivalents (at least 48 grams whole grain recommended daily).

“School foodservice operators have the opportunity to build breakfast participation with convenient and simple options like Pillsbury Mini Pancakes,” said Jennifer McDavid, associate K-12 channel marketing manager, General Mills Foodservice. “Not only do kids prefer the taste of Pillsbury Mini Pancakes, they also give students a delicious way to get their whole grains.”

In a proprietary taste test conducted by General Mills, students significantly preferred Pillsbury Mini Pancakes to the leading competitive brand of whole grain pancakes.2

Research shows that eating breakfast is one of the best ways to fuel both body and mind. Studies indicate that eating breakfast not only helps students get the nutrients they need, but also perform better in school. A 1998 review of data from the Bogalusa Heart Study suggests that kids who skip breakfast rarely make up for missed nutrients later in the day.

Furthermore, a 1998 study in Philadelphia and Baltimore public schools found that children who regularly participated in breakfast programs scored higher on math tests, were less likely to be tardy or absent, and had fewer reported discipline problems when compared with children who skipped breakfast. Similarly, a 1999 pilot study of six Minnesota public schools found that kids who ate breakfast felt better about being in school, earning better reading and math test scores.

School meal programs can play an important role in boosting children’s whole-grain intake, according to the USDA’s Child Nutrition Division—which recommends school foodservice operators purchase whole grains whenever possible as part of their efforts to promote healthy eating and improve nutritional well-being.

General Mills Foodservice offers a complete portfolio of whole grain school breakfast products – including portable cereal bars and pouch cereal – that are easy to serve outside the cafeteria, making breakfast even more accessible.

More information, operators can visit or call 1-800-882-5252.

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1 According to a single test conducted with 75 people. Test compared time required to serve Pillsbury Mini Pancakes without syrup to an equivalent serving of bulk pancakes with syrup.

2 According to a CLT Product Offering Test with Kids in Schools K12 in MN, July 2008: Pillsbury Mini Pancakes vs. Aunt Jemima Whole Grain Pancakes (n=315).

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